Terms and Conditions

This event is open to business professionals 18 years and over only. IBADD coordinators may request a business card and photo ID prior to admission and reserves the right to refuse entry or remove anyone from the event.

While we endeavor to deliver the conference program as published, IBADD reserves the right to make any changes it deems fit to the conference program. Occasionally speakers may cancel and/or topics may change and no guarantee is given that any given speaker or topic in the program will take place.

By registering for IBADD, you agree to receive e-mail notifications about future IIBA Central Iowa Chapter events, IIBA Eastern Iowa Chapter events and other IBADD announcements/news. You may "unsubscribe" using the link in any e-mail received. Note: Your e-mail address will never be sold or rented to others.

IBADD, the IIBA Central Iowa Chapter and the IIBA Eastern Iowa Chapter reserve the right to use photographs and/or videos of any event attendee in promotional materials.

IBADD, the IIBA Central Iowa Chapter and the IIBA Eastern Iowa Chapter assumes no liability for the acts of its suppliers nor for the safety of any event participant while traveling to or from this event. The total liability during the hours of the event will be limited to a refund of the registration fee.

Video Policy: Sessions may be audio recorded without special permission but only for personal use. They cannot be placed online or transmitted to others without permission. Sessions may be videoed only with special permission for personal use and also cannot be placed online or transmitted to others. Short audio and video clips may be used for blogging and press coverage of sessions. As a general guide, non-contiguous clips of one minute or less should be used. Contact us if you need guidance about longer clips.

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