Register a Group or on Behalf of Someone Else

The IBADD registration form allows one person to register multiple attendees or to register on behalf of someone else; this person is the Registrant. This is useful for individuals that need to register a team for their booth, multiple attendees from one company, or register someone other than him/herself. The Registrant should only enter information about the attendees into the registration form.  They should not enter information for individuals who are not attending IBADD. To register a group or on behalf of someone else, click here, then click on "Register Now". Select the option to "Register Group", and complete the required information for the attendees.

If the Registrant is planning on attending the conference, they must also register themselves as an attendee by adding themselves to the registration form as either the primary attendee (first set of attendee fields) or as an additional attendee. Submit a support request for additional assistance.

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